Reading Russ Soh In Chinese



Beginning this week, people almost anywhere in the world can read me in Chinese. Not everything I have written necessarily, but certainly the short stories in my first book, Not The Same Family. All that an intending reader needs is a computer device, an internet connection, a modicum of net savviness and, of course, some level of literacy in the Chinese language.

Not The Same Family has just been translated into Chinese, in both the traditional script and the simplified script, and offered up as an e-book on Amazon China and Pudu Taiwan. On either platform, the book can be bought for roughly the price of a cup of ordinary Chinese tea.

Which means that these short stories are now accessible to more than a billion Chinese readers, in China, in Taiwan, and among the Chinese diaspora worldwide. The actual number is probably closer to 1.5 billion, but who’s counting?

For referral to a Chinese-reading friend or relative, or to get your own personal copy, if you are inclined to read me in Chinese, please go to either of these links

Just to make sure that you’re getting the right stuff, this is how the book cover looks.

IMG_0508 (2)

And the dear author’s name is 苏梁铈

祝您閱讀 – Enjoy your reading!