Traveling And Writing


No prize for guessing, I love writing. And if you guess that I enjoy traveling, you’d be right too. But if you think that I should do well writing when I’m traveling, you would be entirely off the mark. I may be good at combining a lot of activities, but traveling and writing is not a combo thing I excel at.

I just never have had the skills to perform them well together. Either one or the other, but not the two at the same time. Although I rather suspect that if I put my mind to it, I could produce some decent travel-writing. But that would have to be done retrospectively, after the travel is done, not while it is in progress.

I’m like that guy who, when asked by the bartender if he wanted water with his whiskey, bellowed, “When I drinks water, I drinks water, and when I drinks whiskey, I drinks whiskey!”

In a few days’ time, I’ll be setting off for a number of weeks of extended travel. I think I’ll do well to follow that dictum. So I’ll travels when I travels, and blogs when I blogs.

See you again here in November.